//TRX Pistol Squat

TRX Pistol Squat

Main Muscles worked

  • Quads

Secondary muscles worked

  • Glutes
  • Hamstring
  • Hip flexor

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to do the Exercise

Step 1: Firmly grip the suspension handles and raise the right leg out straight to the front.

Step 2: While the right leg is raised off the floor, squat with the left leg as low as you can.

Step 3: Complete one repetition by pushing the body back up with the weight on your heel and returning back to the starting position.


  • To avoid the knee from going past the toes when squatting down, stand firmly.
  • When coming up out of the squat, place the body’s weight on the heel to push the body up.
  • Make sure to place the foot firmly on the floor.


The TRX Pistol Squat, also known as TRX Single Leg Squat, is both an alternative and calisthenics exercise. The quads are the primary muscle group being targeted by this exercise. The glutes, hamstrings and hip flexors are secondary.

The TRX suspension is also vital in this exercise. You can try other variations related to this exercise such as the TRX Single-Leg Squat Row or the TRX Squat Jump. You can also perform with only one arm holding when you do variation of the exercise.

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