//TRX Inverted Row

TRX Inverted Row

Main Muscles worked

  • Middle Back

Secondary muscles worked

  • Shoulder
  • Forearm
  • Biceps
  • Lower back

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to do the Exercise

Step 1: Fasten the TRX cables high enough.

Step 2: Grab the handles and hang down directly under the ropes.

Step 3: Extend the arms up.

Step 4: Pull up the body to the handles just below the chest. Ensure that both palms are facing inwards while doing this step.

Step 5: Lower your body back down to complete one repetition.


  • Keep the whole body straight the entire time.
  • The movements need to be slow and controlled.


The TRX Inverted Row, also known as Suspended Inverted Row or TRX Lying Row, is both an alternative and calisthenics exercise that focuses on the  middle back. The biceps, forearms, lower back and shoulders are also targeted in this exercise.

The exercise also uses the TRX suspension. There are also different TRX Inverted Row variations that you can try out. Examples are TRX Low Row and TRX Single-Arm Row.

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