//TRX Chest Press

TRX Chest Press

Main Muscles worked

  • Pectorals / Chest
  • Shoulders
  • Triceps

Secondary muscles worked

  • Forearms
  • Back
  • Glutes
  • Calfs

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to do the Exercise

Step 1: The TRX cables should be hooked securely so that the handles would hang about waist height.
Step 2: Use your hands to grab the handles. Then take a step forward.
Step 3: The body should be kept in a straight line. Both arms should be straight. The body needs to be leaned forward at about 40 degrees in angle.
Step 4: Elbows should be bent and the body should lowered until the chest touches the handles.
Step 5: To complete one repetition, push your body back up.


  • Ensure that the body remains in a straight line while performing the exercise
  • The glutes and core should be kept tight when doing the exercise.

As an exercise categorized under alternative and calisthenics,  the TRX Chest Press basically focuses on the chest muscles. Secondary muscular work involves the following: forearms, shoulders, triceps, abs, middle back, glutes, and calves.

Other variations that can be done when performing the TRX Chest Press are Incline Push-Up, Push-Up, and Ring Push-Up which may or may not need  other types of equipment other than the TRX Suspension equipment.

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