//TRX External Rotation

TRX External Rotation

Main Muscles worked

  • Shoulders

Secondary muscles worked

  • Biceps
  • Traps
  • Middle back

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to do the Exercise

Step 1: The TRX Suspension should be firmly placed at a certain height allowing the handles to hang at chest level.

Step 2: Grip the handles and lean the body back at a slight angle. Place both arms straight out.

Step 3: The body should be pulled with both handles at eye level.

Step 4: Once the arms reach to a 90-degree angle, rotate both hands up over the head.

Step 5: Rotate both hands back down.

Step 6: To complete one repetition, return to the position wherein the body is back outward.


  • The more the body is angled while doing the exercise, the harder the exercise will be.
  • Try to do one smooth motion when you make the pull and rotation steps using both hands.


The TRX External Rotation is an alternative and a calisthenics exercise aiming to primarily tadevelop the muscles of the shoulders. Additionally, it also secondarily targets the biceps, middle back and traps.

Upon using the TRX Suspension with this exercise, you can include the following exercises to create a workout routine: TRX Face Pull, TRX High Row, and TRX Low Row.

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