//TRX Ab Crunch

TRX Ab Crunch

Main Muscles worked

  • Abs

Secondary muscles worked

  • Shoulders
  • Quads

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to do the Exercise

Step 1: The TRX cables need to be put into place wherein the handles hang about one foot off the floor.

Step 2: Feet should be put in place in the stirrups. This lets the tops of your feet face towards the ground.

Step 3: While feet are secured in the stirrups, your hands are placed on the ground prepping your body into push-up position.

Step 4: Begin pulling your knees into your chest and then straight back out to complete one repetition.


  • Avoid raising your bum in the air.
  • Inhale and exhale when performing the exercise.


As an alternative and calisthenics exercise, the TRX Ab Crunch concentrates on the muscle work of the abs. Also, it targets the quads and shoulders.

The only TRX Ab Crunch Equipment that you really need for this exercise is the TRX suspension strap. There are, however, other different variations that you can give a try that may or may not require other types of equipment. A variation similar to this ab exercise is the Swiss Ball Jackknife.

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